Me – simply put. Creative's have to stay relevant, so KBC is my way of keeping up with the world and it's creative & design practices by showcasing my own.


The Mission

To make a decent living while positively impacting those around me. We all desire a steady way of putting food on their family’s table while not sacrificing their core values, and I'm no exception. 

Also... to create groundbreaking creative, marketing communications & multi-platform design solutions for any business or organization who trusts me enough to do so for them.  <-- Yes, that too.

Testimonials pulled from my LinkedIn below.

In short, Wayne is a modern day creative hero. Wayne is a good human being, a great colleague and a inspiring friend. He strives for perfection, has energy that is infectious, is willing to listen but is also strong-willed when he sees opportunities for improvement, and isn’t afraid to lead. #waynestrong
— James C. Foster, CEO @ ZeroFOX

I was lucky enough to meet Wayne when I was just starting my career, and I remember it was his fire, charisma and passion for advertising that made me think, “yup this is what I want to do with the rest of my life.” Since then I’ve found, that people with that same pure commitment to “the work,” are not easy to find. Every time I’ve had the privilege of working with Wayne over the years, I’ve learned something new not just about advertising, but about myself as a copywriter and a person.

To say he’s mentored me is an understatement—Wayne has made me into the creative I am today (and I’m a good one). With Wayne on your team, you’ll always be pumped, you’ll always have fun, and you’ll definitely produce killer work.
— Jessica Lomasson, Sr. Copywriter @ VaynerMedia

Wayne is very comfortable in both the digital and non-digital space. In fact, first and foremost he is storyteller. He gets that the most effective brands understand that they are telling a story, and at the heart of any good story is a simple and compelling big idea. An idea and story that transcends the channel or medium to connect brand to people and people to brand. Of course he is also a master at his craft with deep and broad understanding of UI/UX, web design, and architecture.
— Michael Neiderer, Executive Creative Director

When you think about people who have had a large impact on your life, you often think of a teacher, a parent or a relative, rarely do you think of a boss or coworker, but in my case it is Wayne. Wayne is a teacher, a mentor, and a fountain of design/marketing knowledge. His eagerness to help and readiness to achieve even the loftiest of goals makes Wayne an ideal employee, coworker, manager, and boss.

I have had the pleasure of working for and with Wayne for the last two-and-a-half years and can wholeheartedly say he has had a life changing impact on my development as a designer.

I can, with 100% certainty, recommend Wayne for any creative role because of his vast knowledge and over a decade of industry experience.
— Joe Vidmar, Lead UX/UI Designer @ ZeroFOX