Me – simply put. A creative professional has to stay relevant, and KBC is just my way of keeping up with the world and it's creative & design practices by showcasing my own.


The Mission

To remain employed. All of us, (perhaps unless you're independently wealthy) desire a steady way of putting food on their family’s table and I'm no exception. If I can do what I love in the process – all the better. Oh and also... to create groundbreaking creative, marketing communications & multi-platform design solutions for any business or organization who trusts me enough to do so for them.  <-- Yes, that too.

Wayne is very comfortable in both the digital and non-digital space. In fact, first and foremost he is storyteller. He gets that the most effective brands understand that they are telling a story, and at the heart of any good story is a simple and compelling big idea. An idea and story that transcends the channel or medium to connect brand to people and people to brand. Of course he is also a master at his craft with deep and broad understanding of UI/UX, web design, and architecture.
— A big-time Executive Creative Director, (pulled from my LinkedIn)